The Language in Lithuania

The language, perhaps surprisingly, is related to Sanskrit. But those who speak and understand Russian will not struggle too much to learn how to speak it. Also making it easier is the fact that Lithuanian writing employs the familiar Roman alphabet, though there are a few additional letters and the typically European use of various accent marks that are not used in the English language.

As for academics, the University of Vilnius "is one of the oldest Universities in Eastern Europe and the largest University in Lithuania." Its professors and alumni have included such notables as the poets Adam Mickiewitz and Czeslaw Milosz. Present students will benefit from the same high level of teaching and classroom discourse that the university has always been known for.

All told, study abroad in Lithuania is likely to be a fascinating, rewarding experience. From the culture to the history to the sheer natural beauty of the country, you will find your life enriched by having spent you college years in this gorgeous country on the Baltic Sea.

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